“For your 4-Month-Old…”

I wish that marketers were as smart at picking up when a pregnancy ends badly as they are at picking up when somebody is pregnant.

Today I got an email from Diapers.com with the subject line “For your 4-Month-Old: Teething and Soothing Basics”.

Dammit, I don’t have a 4-month-old. Didn’t I unsubscribe from these emails back in July? These are unfair reminders of what I am missing! If I didn’t get an email with “For your 4-Month-Old” in the subject line this morning, I might have been able to keep plowing through my day without thinking about how I should have a teething baby right now.

When I was pregnant, I read a book called “The Power of Habit“. There was a whole chapter in the book about how Target has spent millions of dollars researching ways to identify a pregnant woman sooner and make her a loyal Target shopper throughout her pregnancy and into baby-grow-up time. I couldn’t believe all the little things they looked at to determine if a woman was in the early stages of pregnancy (or even TRYING to get pregnant). It kind of creeped me out.

I got a package of baby formula in the mail, and I was even more creeped out.

How do they know?

If marketers can figure out if I’m pregnant or trying to be, can’t they figure out that we lost our baby and we don’t need those diaper bag ads anymore? Can’t they take a look at my search history on Google, look at my purchase history and see that I haven’t bought any 3-6 month baby clothes? I’m spending a lot of time on sites like Faces of Loss and Glow in the Woods, not New Parent. If Gmail can serve up ads based on my email content, can’t they see that I delete the BabySteals and Zulilly emails without even peeking??

I’m sure that marketers could be making a killing off of me if they’d simply realize the situation. They could serve up ads for grief and loss literature. They could send me emails about organizations I can donate my time and money to, ways to make a difference in the lives of other baby-lost parents. They’d give me coupons for Ovulation Predictor Kits instead of Diapers.

Get it together, marketers. Not only are you pissing me off, you’re missing out on untold piles of money.

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