So it begins… baby costumes

I stumbled upon a box of baby goodies today. Mostly it was full of clothes that some friends had given us, the stuff that was going to be too big for Hudson for a while. But right on the top of the box were some baby costumes that Momma Sue bought for Hudson and gave me at my baby shower.

A luau get-up – grass skirt, flowered leis, sunglasses.
A little kitty cat headband and tail.
Baby Superhero: complete with red and blue and gold wristbands, winged cap and mask.

It gave me the tearchoke, seeing this forgotten treasure. Hudson and the Hubs and I should be trick or treating this Halloween. A heart-strangling wish for a different kind of Halloween overcame me as I imagined Hudson as a wild, red-headed Masked Hero, me and the Hubs in some kind of side-kick attire, unabashedly toting our baby girl to a few family-oriented photo ops.

My Facebook feed was flooded with friends’ pictures of their adorable babies in their adorable baby costumes. Baby ladybugs. Baby monkeys. Baby lions. An entire safari of adorable other-people’s-babies.

And so it begins. The wall that is the holidays has officially begun.


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3 thoughts on “So it begins… baby costumes

  1. Katie says:

    Hudson is the best superhero, just like her mama and daddy. Love you guys.

  2. Mari says:

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. You are a brave, brave mama. I found a blog post that I thought you could relate to – it’s so well-written and brave, like yours…

    • MommaDub says:

      Mari, thanks for sharing this blog with me. Incredible writing. I also appreciate your kind words. We’ve felt so much support and encouragement over the past few months, and it really does make all of this easier to face.

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