One of my childhood friends grew up to be a doctor.

I know smart people.

She sent me a note yesterday from a conference she’s attending on breastfeeding. I’ve long been a “lactivist” but this info put me over the edge.

#1. Babies who are unable to swallow can still absorb the good early immunoglobins in breast milk through their cheeks. Fun fact.

#2. Breast milk concentrates endorphins. So when I fed Hudson my breast milk with a Q-tip, she was getting all those happy, proud endorphins I was feeling from being so successful first pump. More than what was in my blood.

We didn’t get to interact with Hudson the way we always dreamed we would with our firstborn. But I remember her sweet little shiver when she got that first taste of liquid gold. My heart sings thinking that Hudson got to feel the same happiness that coursed through my body that afternoon – our first best day with Hudson.

Hudson's first taste

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3 thoughts on “Endorphins

  1. Momma sue says:

    What a precious happy memory! And how wonderful that Hudson had such a wonderful bonding experience with her mommy-thanks to your MD friend who shared this golden fact with you! Love you momma dub-from gma sue

  2. That’s so wonderful to know. I’m glad your friend shared that with you, and that you have shared it here.

    My baby was not able to breastfeed either, though I started expressing by hand right away. During the precious time we had with him post-NICU I expressed a drop of colostrum onto my finger and put it in his mouth. What you’ve shared has added even more to this memory for me. Thank you.

  3. Sarah Winslow says:

    I am glad you shared this here. I love this information.

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