3, 2, 1… FUN!

Tomorrow marks 3 days to Bullet’s arrival. This is our last weekend of freedom, right?

We have wanted this for so long that it seems silly to talk about being child-free as anything close to “freedom”.

Every morning I wake up and I say to my husband, “Only XX more days!” or more recently, “This is our last Sunday without our baby!” to which the Hubs will respond “Basically only X more days” because of course today doesn’t count, it’s practically over.

This was our last weekend before Bullet, though, and there was (and is) much to do.

I packed my fabulous new Kate Spade diaper bag (thanks Hubby) with Baby’s necessities – a few outfits, socks, pjs, hats, those little gloves that protect them from clawing their faces.

I did one last load of baby laundry.

I did one last load of grown up laundry (way less cute).

We made an epic meal for Shiz Family Night and had my siblings over for dinner.

We got car seats installed in both of our vehicles.

We celebrated my niece’s 11th birthday.

I made whole wheat chocolate chip cookies.

We did one last trip to the grocery store, careful not to stock up on too many perishables.

And the highlight of my last weekend of baby-free-ness was a snowy maternity shoot with the lovely and talented Melissa McFadden. You may recall her excellent work from our first pregnancy, when she captured our eager anticipation of Baby Dub aka Big Sister Hudson in the glorious summer sunshine at Rooks Park. We’ve had almost a foot of snow in the past three days, so the boots we sported for this photoshoot were of the waterproof variety. But the fun was the same. The fun was soooo fun.

So much is the same as we face the last days before baby’s arrival. We are so excited to meet our son that we can hardly handle the tedium of these last child-free days. But we are a little more patient, too.

Only a little bit more patient though.

I do say, at least once a day, directed at my belly, “Come on out, baby!”

In 3, 2, 1…


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9 thoughts on “3, 2, 1… FUN!

  1. Terri says:

    Today at sunset we had guacamole, salsa, chips and margaritas with friends from WA and MN. Today we saw a bobcat cross the road as we walked up to the golf course and we will consider it a good omen for Bullet. Today we talked about our anniversary on the 12th, and Valentines Day on the 14th and deduced that only good can come about this week! It is blessed, it is Karma, it is destiny. Bullet is coming at the right time! xx00

  2. Thinking of you, and hoping Bullet’s arrival goes smoothly and joyfully.

  3. Cle says:

    good luck!!! I have lived this pregnancy with you, as in the neverending story (did you see the movie?)… I’m almost with you. I’ll be thinking of you both and then of the three of you 🙂 Looking forward to seeing Bullet !

    • MommaDub says:

      It’s been a long time since I’ve watched the Neverending Story, but now I kind of want to! Maybe on one of these upcoming sleepless nights… thanks for the well-wishes!

  4. Sarah says:

    A snowy photo shoot sounds awesome – those pics for Big Sister Hudson with the boots… SO freaking adorable!! – and I hope you share the snowy pics someday!! Yay for next weekend being filled with Bullet and all of his awesomeness!!

  5. Keeping you all in my prayers!

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