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Birthday Bonanza

Today I turn 31.

My 30th year brought two of the Top 5 Moments of my life…


The moment I found out we were pregnant with Anson

The moment I found out we were pregnant with Anson


And the moment Anson was born

And the moment Anson was born



And so many moments since then have been made better by the simple fact: We are a family.

Ten weeks later, and it’s hard to imagine anything in year 31 topping the highlight of 30. That’s not to say I don’t have high hopes for this next year of life. And that’s not to say I have peaked and it’s all downhill from here. Life with Anson just keeps getting better.

In fact, the only complaint I have is that I don’t also get to live this life with Anson’s big sister.

That nose. Those eyebrows.

That nose. Those eyebrows.


And when life has only given you one valid complaint, it’s best not to complain at all.

That's me on the left and Anson on the right. Both of us can rock a faux hawk!

That’s me on the left and Anson on the right. Both of us can rock a faux hawk!

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2 months old… what?

I cannot believe we’ve been living life with this handsome sonuvagun for the past 2 months. Where does the time go?


I can’t pretend that the past two months have been easy. Far from it. Ever had a kid? It tests your will. It calls into question your sense of adequacy. One human being entirely dependent on another. It’s blow-your-mind BIG.


And you rise to the occasion.


Because look at that.


You made that.

There are parts about this journey that nobody tells you about… likely an evolutionary thing, to ensure the human race keeps reproducing.

Breastfeeding is almost as big a sacrifice and takes nearly the same physical toll as 40 weeks of pregnancy.
Say goodbye to a solid night’s sleep.
You and your husband can’t be held accountable for what’s said in the middle of the night when the baby is crying.


But are you freakin’ kidding me?

My body will never be the same, but I am the sole source of sustenance for the most adorable human being on the planet.


I may not sleep more than 5 hours straight for the next 18 years. But I get to see this face all day, every day, and most of the night too. And that’s good.


And yes, sleep deprivation might cause us to be a little short with each other from time to time.

I didn’t wake up at the sound of Anson’s cries one night, so my husband brought him into the room and woke me with this gem:
“Remember this little guy?”

BUT the love I feel for this man who is raising this precious human with me? That’s beyond words.

Know what else is beyond words? The feeling I get looking at this face.


There just aren’t words for that.

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