Hudson’s life – however short – has completely changed my life. I want to make sure that her life continues to make a positive impact on others. In keeping with this goal, I’m working to set up a Hudson’s Heroes Foundation. While I work out the details and jump through all the red tape, people who want to have their dollars make a difference can donate directly to the Forget-Me-Not Foundation at Sacred Heart in Spokane, Washington.

We also have these super sweet Hudson’s Heroes teeshirts, available in sizes XS-2XL. The short sleeved teeshirts cost $15, the long sleeved teeshirts cost $20 (plus $5 for shipping), and this money goes directly to the Forget-Me-Not Foundation in Hudson’s name.

If you’d like to place an order for your own super sweet Hudson’s Heroes teeshirt, please fill out the form below. The teeshirts are uber-comfy polyester, breathable for the runners out there! We also have recently added a long sleeved option. Upon submitting the form, you’ll be invoiced via email and will have the option to pay for the shirts via PayPal or paper check.

Thank you for being a part of Team Hudson’s Heroes!

4 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Rachel L says:

    Thinking about sweet beautiful Hudson so much this week. Such a precious little soul who has made such a big impact on so many hearts.

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