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Best Mother’s Day Gift EVER

For Mother’s Day, my amazing hubby NAILED IT.

Four mini-sessions with our favorite local photographer, Melissa McFadden.

We’ll get to capture Anson at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year old.

Have I told you lately that I love the Hubs?

We will have no shortage of photo documentation of this little guy. I have taken at least a handful of pictures of him every single day of his life. (Thanks, iPhone!)

But one thing we DO have a shortage of is photo documentation of ME with the little guy.

Now, I’m not offended by not being in the picture out of personal pride or anything. I mean, my body has a ways to go before I’m back to pre-baby shape. I’m still wearing predominantly elastic-waisted pants. Lots of “flowy” tops.

I have tons of gems of Anson with his daddy.

Sleepy boys

Because I’m always the one TAKING the picture, I’m rarely IN the picture.

A while back, this article went viral on Pinterest and Facebook and I was missing my beautiful daughter and I thought, “When Baby Dub Dos arrives, you’d better believe I’m getting in the picture.”

So we have a few treasures like this:

Mommy and AnsonBut more often than not, they look like this:

Napping togetherSo on Tuesday, Mr. Whiskers stayed home and I got in a few of the pictures.

img_025 img_016 (1) img_034 (1) img_029 (1) img_028And of course, Anson starred in a few on his own.

img_022 img_014 (1) img_023 img_011 img_001 img_019 img_018 (1)




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3 Months Old

Anson officially turned 3 months old on Tuesday.

I love watching this little dude grow up, but seriously. Can time slow down already? Why is he wearing 9 month jammies right now?

It isn’t lost on me that significant number: 3

Anson has been alive and a part of the outside world as many months as Hudson was days.

And back then, we felt the same way: Can time slow down already?

Anson's pretty jazzed

Anson’s pretty jazzed

What are you doin' Mom?

What are you doin’ Mom?

No, seriously. What are you DOING?!

No, seriously. What are you DOING?!

I guess I trust you.

I guess I trust you.

Because you're hilarious!

Because you’re hilarious!

This is the face Anson makes when he does his little stoner laugh. "ah-HUUUUUUUH"

This is the face Anson makes when he does his little stoner laugh. “ah-HUUUUUUUH”

Anson Joseph Walter. Distinguished.

Anson Joseph Walter. Distinguished.

There isn't a face more perfect.

There isn’t a face more perfect.

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