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Who Hudson looks like

After Hudson was born, I took great pride in hearing people tell me that she looks like me.

She’s the most beautiful baby ever born, and she resembles me? Talk about an epic compliment.

But as we creep further and further away from the short days of her life, and my memories of what our daughter looked like turn into memorized pictures, I have started to realize how much she looks like her daddy.

Or rather, how much her daddy looks like her.

I first noticed it when the Hubs was fast asleep and I was fighting a bout of insomnia (a new, frustrating development in our post-Hudson days). We have a picture of Hudson in our picture frame lamp shade, and I was peering over the slumbering Big Bear to see what time it was, and in full view was the Hubs and the picture of Hudson in the frame, their sleeping faces at the same angle. It took my breath away, the resemblance.

Now I see little flashes of Hudson in my husband all the time. The shape of the ears, that nose that we were all so sure was mine, that perfectly smooth and unstressed forehead. How can such a perfect blend of two people who are crazy about each other have lived such a short life? How come instead of watching Hudson grow into her features and gaining more definitive answers to questions like “Whose smile does she have?”, I am looking at my husband and being reminded of all the loveable features he passed on to our baby who I never got to see smile.


I want to provide a credit for this cartoon but I can’t find its source. Sorry.

A friend of mine posted this cartoon to Facebook today, and it made me laugh and it made me think of Hudson.

I totally gave birth to a legend.

The Hubs has been talking a lot recently about getting Hudson’s feet tattooed on his arm. He wants her footprints and her name in my handwriting – and he talked about also wanting the word “Legendary”. I can’t think of a better descriptor for our daughter, except for maybe “precious.” Sometimes

I’ll be writing about Hudson, and I’ll have to go to thesaurus.com to find alternate words for “precious” because it is used so frequently.

I still think Hudson looks a lot like me, and I still glow with pride when people comment on her hair, her eyelashes, her not-newborn-looking-ness. But it makes me feel even better to see so much of her in my husband, and so much of my husband in her.

We absolutely made a legend, and she won’t be the last.

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