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Holding your breath

I like to read Clive Cussler adventure novels.

Feel free to judge.

These easy-to-read thrillers are all about underwater adventure and feature handsome heroes, beautiful babes, Communist plots and ALWAYS some kind of forgotten treasure.

Inevitably, one of Clive’s heroes will get himself into some sort of deep-sea diving debacle, and as our hero fights off the villains and kicks his way back to the surface, he has to stop every once in a while to decompress, let out some air, before making his way further towards the surface… otherwise his head will explode.

Well, not precisely, but you get the picture. You’ve held your breath before, whether it be underwater or just going through a tunnel along the highway. You have to sort of seep out a little bit of air at a time to keep your vision from going fuzzy at the edges right? And if you let out too much, too early, you start to get that panicked, “I HAVE TO BREATH IN NOW!” feeling and you push on the gas pedal and speed a little more to get out of that tunnel and into the sunshine and you take this gasping breath that feels like Heaven.

Keeping Bullet a secret is kind of like holding your breath, and each person I get to tell about him/her is like a decompression stop, and if I don’t tell somebody like, once a week I feel like my head is going to explode.

photo-34We told our parents about Bullet last weekend. Presenting each family member with a bottle of “Conception IPA”, we relished the hugs, cherished the happy tears, wallowed in the joy, and let out this huge sigh of relief. But it might have been too much, too early. I want to tell everybody I know. I’m looking for any opportunity to “let it slip”. I’m dying for an accidental mention. I’m pooching out my 6-to-7 week belly in hopes that somebody will get suspicious.

When you have good news, it’s hard to keep it a secret. You don’t want to let it seep out bit by bit. You want to exhale it at the top of your lungs, to hell with the consequences.

Of course we have to tell certain people in the next few weeks. One of my best friends gets married a week from today. There’s no way I’m getting away with being empty-handed when it comes time to champagne toast my dearest college bestie as she makes the transition to Wife-dome. There are certain people I feel like just deserve to know. I called Doctor M to give her the big news before I even made it up to Yakima to tell the Hubs.

So then it brings up this whole other question about WHY we choose to keep things like this a secret for so long? Most of my closest friends who have had children told me almost as soon as they knew. They went on to have healthy full-term babies, no “told too soon” jinx.

The news is just too delicious not to share. I’ve spent too much time in the deepest depths and I feel like I deserve a giant exhalation. I am tired of holding my breath.

There’s all this fresh, hopeful air to breath, and I am taking deep, long breaths.

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