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One of my childhood friends grew up to be a doctor.

I know smart people.

She sent me a note yesterday from a conference she’s attending on breastfeeding. I’ve long been a “lactivist” but this info put me over the edge.

#1. Babies who are unable to swallow can still absorb the good early immunoglobins in breast milk through their cheeks. Fun fact.

#2. Breast milk concentrates endorphins. So when I fed Hudson my breast milk with a Q-tip, she was getting all those happy, proud endorphins I was feeling from being so successful first pump. More than what was in my blood.

We didn’t get to interact with Hudson the way we always dreamed we would with our firstborn. But I remember her sweet little shiver when she got that first taste of liquid gold. My heart sings thinking that Hudson got to feel the same happiness that coursed through my body that afternoon – our first best day with Hudson.

Hudson's first taste

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Freeing up some pregnancies

Remember a few weeks back, when I talked about how my friends and family members are using up all the pregnancies?

Just in time for Baby Dub Dos-fest 2013, some of those pregnancies are getting freed up.

Several brand new awesome people were brought into the world this week, making long-time friends of mine proud mommas. Hooray, new life! Hooray, proud mommas!

Our neighbors are expecting a baby girl on Christmas Day. Every time I drive by their house, I inspect it for signs of “left in a hurry to get to the hospital.” That’ll be one more freed up pregnancy. Keep ’em coming.

I can’t deny it – Facebook is my source of intel on a lot of these new births. When I see those squishy blotchy new born faces and read the baby’s stats (6 pounds 9 ounces! 20 inches long!), I get a little tingle of happy happy joy joy. For a while now, I haven’t been able to understand why I’m so thrilled for people when their babies are born, but so dismayed and discouraged when people are announcing their pregnancies?*

*Seriously. I’m pissed that Kate Middleton is pregnant. What gives?

And I figured it out this week. New baby announcements make me happy because I’m saddled with this baby-birth fear now – that not all pregnancies end with a healthy baby to bring home – and when I see those Facebook posts of cute squishy newborns sans breathing tube and requests for prayers, I am delighted to see that healthy babies are born every day, to people I know, more often than not. It is encouraging. It makes me hopeful. It makes me glad. It gets me from the clenched up baby-birth angst (Please let that baby be okay)  on to my own hopes for a new pregnancy (Bring on Baby Dub Dos!).

Whereas new pregnancy announcements make me feel panicked (GAH! There goes another pregnancy! GAH! They’ll have a baby in June! GAH! I want a baby in June!) and fills me with “What if it takes forever for me to get pregnant again?” angst. Nobody likes that crap.

So congrats to my friends who have had babies this week. I am so proud of you and of the parents you will be – slash – already are. And thank you for freeing up a pregnancy or two for me.

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